Shopping NYC Style

Shopping in New York City can be overwhelming, especially when you’re one of five girls on the trip!

This weekend we struck gold on our first morning at Diana Warner’s boutique on 42 E 21st St New York, NY 10010. They call it the happiest boutique in New York for a reason.

I met Diana in Atlanta at market a few months ago. She is delightful and has as much energy as she does style. She was out of town this particular Saturday, however we were in very capable hands with the two stylists that were there.

We spent two hours in this boutique about the size of my kitchen at home. It was like opening a jewelry box filled with treasures. All of us found something special that day, including our new friends Rose and Anna. Here is a picture of us outside her boutique and the other is of Rose, our incredible stylist. You can shop Diana Warner’s amazing creations online at

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