Pipe Dreams


We have all been there — the decision to recover a piece of furniture or buy a new piece? There are four things to consider when making this decision:


Recently when helping a client decide whether to keep two club chairs, we went over these four things. She liked the style of the chairs and loved how comfortable they were. The chairs were good quality so it became clear that finding the right fabric was key. Here’s the before…



After reviewing lots of options, we recommended a highly durable indoor/outdoor fabric in a great color as these are eventually going to be located on a sun porch. The final decision was whether to PIPE it or not in a coordinating, but contrasting color. We went for it and transformed these two club chairs.


Now, they look brand new and will last for years to come…


So if you find yourself wondering whether to recover or buy new, answer those four questions and you may just find that you will have PIPE DREAMS too!

X O • J K




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