Timeless Style

It’s been said that we southerners don’t let go of the past. Why should we when there is so much to learn from the ones who came before us? I recently attended my aunt’s funeral, she was 88. It was a gorgeous graveside service. The weather was perfect with the warmth of the sun on our backs and the wind rustling high above in the hundred year old oaks. It was time for reflection and celebration of a life well lived.

I subscribe to holding on to the past. Whether it’s retelling the same stories over and over, or surrounding ourselves with family heirlooms. My grandmother is always with me as I have several of her treasures placed about my home. My sister, Boo and I have passion for mixing old and new. We want to be good custodians and hope these relics will be taken care of by the next generation.

If timeless style is your goal then achieving it can be done with treasures from the past.  Decorating in only the latest trends wouldn’t tell a story. A well decorated room tells something about that person. Where they’ve been, what they love and how they want to be perceived.

The day after the funeral I was packing up at my sisters home. She handed me a tablecloth and napkins that belonged to our great grandmothers. Beautifully crocheted in cream with hints of blue and gray stitching, it has it’s own story. I am grateful for the opportunity to give it new life.

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